Exploring landscape on the web - an evolving gazetteer

Here is an evolving gazetteer of the broad, diverse and ever-expanding range of landscape related content on the web (mostly focused on the British Isles, but not exclusively). I hope that this provides a useful resource for information, research, new discoveries and general life-enhancing joy.

I planned not to separate this list into themes. However, the number of websites and blogs was getting so large that I've decided it would be useful to have some form of organisation to help steer through the morass. Its a long scroll down but worth it!

Most recently added sites are indicated by NEW (over 600 sites now included).

I'm sure there is much more out there; if you have any other suggestions for inclusion then please add a comment at the end of this page.

Architecture, buildings and heritage in the landscape, landscape archaeology and history

Construction History Society

Landscape Research Centre

Leche Trust

Maritime Heritage

Maintain Our Heritage

The Megalithic Portal

The Modern Antiquarian

National Piers Society

Visualising the landscape: art, film, television, photography and on-line galleries

Edgeland Commission

EngLaId Visual Blog

English Heritage Images of England

Roger Butterfield

The Smallfilms Treasury

Landscape blog miscellany

Abandoned Scotland

Above the River NEW

A Country Punk

AdCochrane NEW

Alastair Humphreys

Archaeogeomancy NEW

A Walk on the Wildside NEW

A Year in the Country NEW

Beneath the Stream

Beuys terous

Blacktop Rain NEW


Brecon Nomad

Jackdaws in the Chimney


Landscape, Space, Place NEW


Lettuce Melodies

Lines of Landscape

Literary Hitch-hiking NEW

Liminal Entwinings NEW

London Landscape Observer NEW


Look at it This Way

Louise Cooke


Modern Lives, Modern Landscapes

Mythic Geography

Nasty, Brutalist and Short

Nature Blog Network

Nature Writing Notes

North Stoke

100 Wild Huts

The October Country NEW

Old Elmet Dreaming NEW

Old Weird Albion

Ordnance Survey Blog

Over the Hills

Outlandish Night


Parallel Landscapes

Pedestrian Culture 

The Place Between Stories

Poetopography NEW

Psychojography NEW


Remap the map

Richly Evocative

Rural History and Culture NEW

Self Powered NEW

Senchus NEW


Simone Ridyard

Slowboat NEW

Sparks in Electrical Jelly NEW

Somewhere Nowhere

Tales of the City  

Thames Facing East NEW

That's How the Light Gets In  

Tilting At Windmills

The Track North NEW

Landscape conservation, ecology and nature

Countryside Council for Wales

Ecology and Society NEW

The Eden Project

Field Studies Council NEW

The Nature Blog

Nature Twenty Four Seven

New Networks for Nature

Woodland Trust

Landscape in particular and sense of place (a snapshot)

Common Ground

People and Wildlife

Protect Our Place

Radical Stroud

Re-sounding Falkland NEW

Ribbon of Wilderness NEW 

Landscape policy, politics, radicalism and social history

Landscape recreation and adventure

Open Morris

Outdoor Nation

Outdoors Magic

The Outdoor Times NEW

UK Mountain Biker

UK Wild Camping

UK Youth Hostel Association

Visit Woods NEW

Landscape research and reference

Centre for Mountain Studies

Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield

The Domesday Book Online

Tha Engliscan Gesithas

English Landscape and Identities

Historic Farm Buildings Group

National Archives

Open Archive NEW

Place-Keeping NEW


Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales NEW

Society of Antiquaries of London

UEA Landscape History

Victoria County History

Landscape writing (including antiquarian writers and texts)

Index to Landscape in the Arts (Some Landscapes) NEW

Alfred Watkins

Alice Oswald 

Andrew Motion

A Podcast to the Curious (MR James)

Astrid Bracke NEW

Britain's Lost Ghosts NEW

Charles Rangeley Wilson NEW

The Clearing Magazine

Corbel Stone Press

Daniel Defoe - A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain

The Dark Mountain Project

Mark Goodwin

Michael Drayton - Poly-Olbion

Mike Parker

MR James

National Geographic

Notes from Near and Far

Orion Magazine

Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild NEW

The Owl Service (book and TV series) and Alan Garner

The Printed Land

The Powys Society NEW

Susan Richardson

Ted Hughes


Listening to the landscape

Mapping and surveying the landscape (and satellite imagery)

Map for England

Map History NEW

Maps for Me

Maps on the Web NEW


Surveying Archaeology NEW

Terrestrial Geophysics (Wessex Archaeology)

The Ancient Landscape around Glastonbury

38 Maps You Never Knew You Needed

Tubular Fells

Views of the World NEW

Visions of Britain


Weird Google Earth NEW

Where's the Map NEW

Physical landscape


Urban landscape and psychogeography

Anatomy of Norbiton



English Dreaming, English Rain

Fife Psychogeographical Collective

The Great Wen NEW

Helenography NEW

Heritage of London Trust

Historic Towns Forum

Liminal City

The Liminal Geographic Society

Liminal London

Liminal Whitby

Liverpool Landscapes

The Loiterers Resistance Movement

London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies

The London Perambulator

London's Lost Rivers

London Topographical Society

London Trails 


The Lost Byway

Marshman Chronicles

Municipal Dreams NEW

Other Aberdeen


Pier Review NEW

Place and Memory

Place Hacking NEW

The Psychogeographical Commission

Psychogeographic Review

Psychogeography - Scoop It

Silent UK

Skyliner NEW

Smoke: A London Peculiar

Streets of Liverpool

This Strange City

Tower Block Mentality

Urban Trawl NEW

Ventures and Adventures in Topography

Walking the M62 NEW 

Wanderlust by the Lea

WG Sebald

Will Self

Walking the landscape

Living and working in the landscape


  1. Thank you for this comprehensive multidisciplinary list on one place. How about adding ialeUK - International Association for Landscape Ecology.

  2. Thanks for putting this together. Really useful resource.

  3. www.landscape-east.org.uk

  4. Thanks for the suggestion - Landscape-east is now on the list; looks like a good example of a holistic approach to landscape.


  5. Excellent resource, thanks for putting it together - Jeremy Burchardt

  6. Great resource - very useful. Can I possibly just update my link as the one shown is now old & dead. My link should be to www.iainsarjeant.co.uk
    Many thanks,

  7. Would you like to include the British Glass Foundation, a charity set up to protect and preserve the 400 year history of glass making in Stourbridge? www.britishglassfoundation.org.uk

  8. this is a fantastic resource! I immediately added it as a bookmarks! Could place-keeping.org be added to the Landscape research section?

    1. Thanks Nicola. I've added the place-keeping site. Looks an interesting project.


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